Why Use our service

Immigration to Canada Made Simple!

Our goal is to make applying for a permanent resident visa to Canada as easy as possible for our clients. This begins with a professional Canadian immigration evaluation by our team of experts. 


The first step of the process is to find out which of several Canadian immigration programs you are in the strongest position to apply for. Therefore, we have created a user-friendly online assessment application form where you can enter your relevant details to submit to our immigration consultants that we work with for their professional evaluation. Within30 days, you will receive your Assessment Results which will inform you about your best option for immigration to Canada. 


If you are evaluated as likely to meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a particular Canadian visa program, our experts that we collaborate with can also walk you step-by-step through the immigration process to make sure it is done correctly and answer any questions you may have. This can help you to avoid costly mistakes and inconvenient delays so that you can have the best opportunity possible to move to Canada.


Another way that we simplify the Canadian immigration process for you and your family is with our convenient payment system. Many immigration consultancies require the full payment for their services at the beginning of the procedure, which can cost you several thousand dollars at the front end, regardless of the outcome. At Dobbia.com, we understand that many people want to immigrate to Canada in order to improve their economic situation, so we have made our professional Canadian immigration services affordable. We have several secure payment methods available, plus you can pay as you go through each step of the process, instead of paying for everything in advance. 


Benefits of Our Services

You can benefit from our services in several important ways:

  • Excellent customer service at every stage of the procedure
  • Affordable access to professional services
  • Assessment of your best Canadian visa option, based on your personal profile
  • Individualized guidance in properly applying for the most suitable Canadian visa program
  • Accurate preparation of forms and correct submission with the required documents
  • Stay informed throughout the Canadian immigration procedure
  • Preparation for the consular interview
  • Answer your questions throughout the procedure


In short, Dobbia.com makes it easy and affordable to apply for a work visa to Canada by helping you and your family move forward with the Canadian immigration process as quickly and smoothly as possible!